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"After numerous 'second' opinions from doctors, and putting it off for more than three years, I've finally decided to schedule hip replacement surgery. The day I met Donny, I was two months away from going under the knife. I told him that many doctors said that I had no cartilage left in my hips and that the only way I'd be able to walk normally again is if I had hip replacements. Donny explained to me a very particular approach to how he would address my issue and proceeded to give me a massage involving very unique techniques that I've never had done before. The very next morning I was pain free, a feeling that I haven't had for more than ten years. I couldn't believe it! I was walking without pain, and I wasn't using my cane! I was so amazed by the results that I even started taking walks around the neighborhood again. A few days later, I booked with Donny again to get one last massage before I went back to New Jersey. I cancelled my hip surgery and am still pain free!"

-Anonymous Client from New Jersey

"I rolled my ankle while working in an attic. It had been days since that happened and I couldn't put any pressure on my foot at all. As the owner of a business, I can't afford to take hours out of my day for a massage that might not even get the results I need. When I talked to Donny, he told me about his Rossiter techniques. He said it would only take a few minutes, so I gave his Rossiter method a try. The entire session only took about five minutes, and I was actually pain free and walking normally right after that appointment."

~Joe from Indian Rocks Beach

"I was experiencing upper back pain possibly from working at a desk all day. A friend recommended Donny as he saw immediate results. From first hand experience, Donny works with great passion thriving to provide the best possible service. He applies a methodological approach in targeting the source of your pain or discomfort, not just providing a blanket massage but actually relieving your ailment. He comes highly recommended."

-Rafael from St.Pete

"Donny does an amazing job folks! He's so attentive and knowledgeable about what he does and providing relief to his clients. The results are unlike any other! Highly recommended"

-Rachel from IRB

"After just one Rossiter session with Donny, my back pain was reduced by 80 percent! I was able to stop using my pain meds and still go through my day like normal."

~Robert from Pinellas Park

"The first thing I did when I drove to Florida from Ontario was get a massage from Donny. I had a lot of sciatic pain from the long drive and literally could not put one foot in front of the other to walk. My wife had to help me get to my feet from a sitting position. I asked Donny if he could help me so that I could actually enjoy my vacation. Thankfully, he knew just what to do and I was able to enjoy a pain free vacation."

~Mike from Ontario, CA

"I had chronic pain in my neck and back from working at a desk. A friend of mine suggested that I get a massage, but I've had massages before and they've never done much for me in the past. However, after much insistence from from a friend, I decided to get a massage from a different therapist this time. I found Donny kind of randomly. His methods are very different from anything I have ever experienced before (and I have been getting massages for 30 years, now). But to my surprise, after my very first massage from Donny, I have experienced complete pain relief. He is my go-to guy, now."

- Tami M.

"I met Donny as a referral from another massage therapist, actually. I have been dealing with a major shoulder dysfunction for a couple of years, now. I have had massages, and they usually seem to help a little. But after I had a massage from Donny, that's when I experienced gains that amazed me! Even my physical therapist was impressed with the improvement in my shoulder's mobility! I visited my surgeon and even he agrees that surgery is not necessary if I can keep my current mobility or even improve on it.

Beyond the amazing results, I attended a shoulder dysfunction seminar recently. And the doctors and experts at this seminar demonstrated some bodywork techniques that can be very effective for relieving shoulder issues. It turns out that many of these techniques were the very same things Donny did for me to ​​​​give me the improvement I have already gotten. That's when it became clear to me that Donny really knows what he's doing!"

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