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Pain: If you suffer from chronic or recurring pain, want to improve your posture or gait, or are athletic, a table massage may be of great benefit to you. With the table, you can get very deep work done on the appropriate layers of muscle and fascia. This allows progress toward alleviating the pains and discomforts caused by imbalances in the lengths of various tissues throughout your myofascial network.
Having a table massage in the comfort of your own home is ideal for the person that wants a massage focused on making therapeutic changes to areas of chronic pain. As long as you have a room with privacy and enough space to work with (about 9ft x 12ft of open space), you may be a good candidate for having the massage come to your door.

Posture and Range of Motion:
​ Many people are not aware that shoulder socket issues, neck pain, and back problems may be derived from a lack of range of motion and/or bad posture. Many people think bad posture is due to hard tissue (bone) deformation, but posture can actually improve as the result of accurately done bodywork. When Posture improves, it often results in a substantial improvement in ROM -- especially in regard to shoulder mobility.
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When it comes to getting clinical results (such as reducing tension, improving posture, decreasing pain, regaining sensation, improving range of motion) clients often find my approach to bodywork to be unique and difficult to find anywhere in the world.

To get results for my clients, I target specifically what fascia and muscles need to be ​addressed to take away neurological and physical resistance from overly taxed muscles and joints.

According to countless many of my clients, this approach has led to many of my clients experiencing improvement more profound than they have ever expected from a massage.

The phrase, "Nobody has ever done that technique before," is a phrase I hear on a daily basis.

If you want different results, try a different method. Contact me at 727.560.8170 to experience the Podrasky difference.​​​