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Qigong!  气功

To learn how you can have a Qigong class held at your business and/or learn some scientifically recognized benefits of Qigong, visit this link.

Here is some basic information on pricing for getting a Qigong class for your business or home:

Company Wellness: $200 per hour, about 30-45 minutes of
                             Qigong practice. Number of participants
                             does not matter and people can join in at any

One-on-One: $150 per 1 hour time block​

To book a "mobile Qigong class", a class in which I come to your venue, Call or Text 727-560-8170 or E-mail donald.podrasky@yahoo.com.

Mission of my Qigong:

​Qigong is an energetic form that has real, medically evaluated benefits. Experienced practitioners will agree that the energy has a synergy, and creates more potent energy and better "vibes" when more people are involved.

     If you've ever tried Qigong in a group of 3 and then experienced Qigong in a group of 30, you would know how much better you feel as a result of the energy that combines and multiplies with more people being present. My goal is to get as much energy into an area as possible and help many people with the benefits of Qigong.

*** The information on this page should not be taken as medical advice ***