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Qigong!  气功
     Qigong is considered a form of meditation. It has been accredited by many people with helping people to overcome "incurable diseases". On the internet, you can find numerous testimonial videos from people who claim that Qigong helped them to overcome Parkinson's, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.     
     On Netflix, you can find documentaries about meditation and how breathing meditations like Qigong seem to have a correlation with HIV/AIDS patients seeing a profound reduction in their virus count. Of course, in the US, it's not allowable for anyone to claim that there is a cure for many of the diseases recognized by the American government. So, I'm not claiming that Qigong is expected to improve or cure any condition. What I am saying, which is fact, is that many people throughout the world have attributed vast improvement (and what they consider to be curing of their disease) to the practice of Qigong and similar meditations.

Learn how Qigong Helped this woman recover from Parkinson's symptoms.
Why should I do Qigong?

-Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Negativity:

     You might think it unlikely, but Qigong has the ability to help people rapidly get out of a "bad mental place". No matter how irritated, depressed, angry, sad, nervous, fearful, victimized you are, you will probably feel a great difference in your disposition as a result of putting your best effort into some Qigong sessions.

     Have you ever heard of "forgiveness meditation?" That is part of Qigong. It is one of the most difficult meditations to truly, honestly practice, but if done legitimately, even people in dire situations will see light where only darkness was perceivable before.

                          Vishen Lakhiani describing the power of forgiveness

Qigong's Effect on Blood:

                         <--- See video on how breathing exercises like the
                                kinds done during Qigong can instantly make
                                your blood profoundly more alkaline.

                                  <--- Man uses, to prevent infection during an E. Coli
                                injection, one of the same breathing techniques
                                performed during some Podrasky Holistics
                                Qigong classes.


     Qigong helps endocrine balance, blood pressure, circulation, and the health of everything fed by a microscopic blood vessel. This in turn, means that people who practice Qigong sufficiently would tend to live longer (due to healthier fluid flow) and with a higher quality of life than if they had not practiced Qigong.


     Improved micro-vessel circulation means that blood is traveling through your body more efficiently and nutrients are feeding parts of muscles and other organs that would not otherwise receive much oxygen or nutrition. In combination with a reduction in blood pressure, this means that Qigong may help you perform better and reach your limit later than if you were to make the same physical efforts without the help of Qigong's health benefits.
     The world record holder for the most push-ups is speculated to have performed thousands of push-ups non-stop as a result of exercises like Qigong. Jeff Primack, the leader of Supreme Science Qigong was once recorded doing more than 700 consecutive push-ups. Jeff attributes his success in this attempt to daily Qigong practice, including a good Qigong diet, and regular physical exercise.

     So whether you're dealing with a lot of mental demons, seeking an alternative medicine to combat a medical condition, or simply seeking an ancient secret to longevity and wellness, it does not hurt to incorporate Qigong into your life and see if Qigong offers a benefit for you. (Check with a doctor before doing Qigong to make sure it's safe for you.)

*Rates for Qigong:

One-on-One: $150 total

Company Wellness:

     -If you own or manage a business and are seeking the benefits of Qigong for your staff, $200 will get you a 60 minute time block with 35-40 minutes of Qigong instruction for your people regardless of how many people are in attendance. 

*These Qigong classes are done on site at your location or any venue that you decide to obtain for this purpose.

To book a Qigong session with me, simply leave a message at 727-560-8170 or e-mail me at donald.podrasky@yahoo.com. After I confirm the appointment with you, I will book you on my schedule and commit to your session. Payments are non-refundable for cancellations. I can accept via PayPal.


     Qigong, done properly, will instantaneously turn a person's blood alkaline as a result of the difference in electrical charge between CO2 and O2. During Qigong, CO2 is "scrubbed" from the body and the oxygen level is quickly brought to a higher ratio over the CO2 levels. The difference in electromagnetic charge due to the difference in the ions present in the bloodstream results in people achieving alkalinity instantaneously, resulting in a harsh environment for harmful pathogens--which actually has produced proof during an experiment involving E. Coli injections. Of 13 people injected with E. Coli straight into the bloodstream, 0 people suffered any symptoms of E. Coli.

Better Circulation:

     The picture to the left shows how, after just 3 minutes of Qigong, the blood cells present more surface area to collect oxygen, are set free for better fluid dynamics, and become capable of oxygenating micro-capillaries (This photo represents the effects lasting an hour and longer after a 3 minute Qigong session). The coagulated cells are incapable of feeding oxygen to capillaries and arterioles in the "clumped together" state because most microscopic blood vessels (which consist up to 80% of your body's vascular system) are so small that blood cells are only capable of passing through single-file.

The word "blockages" gets a negative connotation that is often attributed to acts of quackery. Fortunately, you are now reading a page from PodraskyHolistics.com; blockages are real, empirically confirmed, pathological phenomena.
     The picture to the left shows a blockage caused by malaria at the microscopic level. What you see are blood cells incapable or fitting through a micro-vessel. That same thing, done in the completely opposite manner, happens with people on a normal, everyday basis; what I mean by that is that when blood cells die, (which they naturally do no matter what) they "deflate" becoming about x0.6 their normal, healthy size. This is not a problem, for the most part. The problem lies within a situation where more than one dead blood cell is attempted to be passed through a microscopic blood vessel such as a capillary or arteriole: two or more dead blood cells cannot fit through a place where one living blood cell can barely pass through.
     Multiple dead blood cells trying to pass through the same capillary at the same time causes a "blockage", or a lodge that prevents all other blood cells behind it to "gridlock" and rapidly die of asphyxiation.
     The body sends inflammation to the site of all these dead blood cells to help clean them out. If there is too much inflammation all over your body caused by too many capillary blockages or even other inflammatory conditions, that can cause a type of inflammation-dependent depression. And, there is much thought in many medical forums, physical and electronic, that having a combination of extensive inflammation as well has having restricted capillary blood flow may even contribute to the severity of auto-immune diseases; Chronic fatigue is one disease often mentioned in association with inefficient capillary blood flow.

***** Of course, none of these claims are to be taken as medical advice. There is still a lot of evidence left to be uncovered before American medicine will be willing to admit with full confidence that having efficient blood and lymphatic flow will prevent illnesses or help the body to recover from any medical conditions.

***** The information on this website is not to replace a doctor's medical advice or diagnose any condition.

*** The information on this page should not be taken as medical advice ***
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