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   I use the term "Hot Bamboo Therapy" when I refer to Bamboo-Fusion massage simply because the name "Hot Bamboo Therapy" gives people who have never heard of Bamboo-Fusion a good idea of what the massage might entail.

     So, what is this versatile and powerful new approach to massage?

     Bamboo-Fusion is massage with solid, bamboo tools. The solid bamboo sticks allow for heat application and for a very wide range of massage modalities: everything from a very soothing Swedish massage to a very structurally oriented deep tissue massage.

    The following are some great characteristics of Bamboo-Fusion massage:
-Versatility: The bamboo tools allow for a very versatile massage; the bodywork can be very soothing, relaxing, and gentle, and (if the client desires) the massage can be deeper and have more impact than any deep tissue that could be done by a bare-handed therapist.

-Heat Application: Using heated bamboo can help relax muscles and promote blood flow through the tissues, allowing for very effective tension relief and thorough healing in the local area.

-Skin Health: Most educators of Bamboo-Fusion massage believe that this modality can help with skin tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

-Fractionated coconut oil is often advocated as the ideal oil to use for this type of bodywork. Since I (Donny) use fractionated coconut oil for this modality, the client can enjoy the health benefits of  this oil for their skin and hair.

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*Bamboo-Fusion Massage
(Hot Bamboo Therapy)