Podrasky Holistics (Chair Massages)
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-Athletes: Did you know that many athletes swear the by benefits provided by pre-event and/or inter-event massages?  Many people don't know that chair massages can be done for much more than simply providing the luxury of relaxation. When the right techniques are incorporated, a chair massage can increase the oxygenation of the proper muscles for your event, stimulate a person into a higher state of alertness, and break up adhesions that would normally go undetected by the athlete. Such adhesions would serve to inhibit the athlete's performance, and the competitor may be left wondering why his/her performance was not as good as expected. If you want to achieve your fullest potential in a physical activity, (whether it is work or competition) you may want to give chair massage a try.
-Businesses: If you work in an office environment and your work involves a lot of mental stress, scheduling for a massage therapist to setup for corporate massages in a room at your office building may be just the thing for you and your colleagues. Chair massages can be conducted in such a way that they can invigorate the client and increase productivity, or a corporate massage in a massage chair can simply melt the stress away--which could also result in happier, more productive employees.
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